Records Requirements

The state has changed how they issue out cards and what is required of our doctors.

You will need updated/current medical records stating a qualifying condition (no older than 12 months or 3 months for PTSD) to get certified.

  1.   Use the link below to fill out a Records Release form.
  2.  We will FAX this form to your doctor at the fax number you put on the form.
  3.  We will call the doctor periodically to make sure they send the records.

We cannot control the timeliness of your doctor’s medical records team!

PLEASE do not blame us. We are doing our best to make this work.

We spend a lot of staff time getting records to keep the process legal, which is more than other centers do.

Obvious Physical Conditions

Our doctors are willing to bend the rules in cases where there is an obvious condition.

IF you do not have medical records, but the doctor is able to do an exam for scarring/ an obvious condition.

This will require an extended visit to document the condition adequately and an extra $50 charge is required for an extended appointment. It will be up to the doctor if your condition is obvious enough to bend the rules for certification.